James Herriot returning to our screens?

James Herriot returning to our screens?

Causing quite a stir and a lot of comment in the papers and social media is the news that there is talk of a remake of the classic series, ‘All Creatures Great and Small.’  It has been said that HBO (makers of popular shows such as ‘Game of Thrones’, True Blood’ and ‘The Sopranos’) is considering such big name stars as Hugh Laurie of ‘Fry and Laurie’ and ‘House’ fame to play Siegfried; Sarah Jessica Parker of ‘Sex and the City’ to play Helen and Dominic West from ‘The Wire’ to take the lead role of James Herriot, originally made famous by Christopher Timothy.

Many people have greeted the news with enthusiasm, whilst others are concerned that it will ‘spoil’ the original, much-loved series. The words ‘glossy, Hollywood remake’ can tend to suggest that it couldn’t possibly be as good as or better than the original. Those caught up in the nostalgia of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ and the popularity of the original cast all have their reservations. However, it surely must be good news for Yorkshire and the memory of our favourite author that a remake is planned(?). A new generation will be charmed by the original stories and the generation which was raised on them and the first television series will have their interest revived.

On the back of the huge success of last year’s Grand Depart, which showcased God’s Own County so magnificently to the world, a remake of the perennial ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ will cement Yorkshire’s place even more firmly on the world map.

What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to seeing somebody else in Christopher Timothy’s shoes, or would you like to maintain the status quo and keep the original series closer to your heart? Let us know!

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