Tribute to Lynda Bellingham

A tribute to Lynda Bellingham

Renowned for her films, television series, advertisements and presenting roles, in her final weeks of life Lynda Bellingham became more widely known for something far more poignant and courageous – she made speaking of  death and dying less of  a taboo and more mainstream and acceptable.

For us, here at World of James Herriot, she is, naturally enough, best remembered for her role as Helen Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small. We, as are her family and fans, greatly saddened by her death. 

Of course we have her famous roles to remember her by, but her courage in her final days will also remain with us. She bore her illness with honesty and dignity and, although she might not have been aware of it, the impact this had on her many fans will long be remembered. It, in effect, became her final role – a role in which none of her marvellous acting skills were to be required, yet one which set her firmly centre stage, starring as herself.

And now she has exited – stage left.

Adieu Lynda. May you rest in peace.